Company Overview

We are pleased to introduce our company PSSN not only as the flag company leading the march but in fact the Port Said Shipping & Nav. Co. is simply the oldest inherited Egyptian company in our area founded by the late O.B.E.A. Hassan in 1934 with paid up capital (in gold sterling pounds 2500), it has been recognized as the architect of transport and trade in maritime industry.

Today the pioneering sprit that made us what we are today is still very much alive as we continue to meet the need of our principals and customers

PSSN controls, coordinates and scrutinizes requirements of customers in advance to meet challenges.

We strive to provide our front line employees with complete know how, service skills customers expertise and performance standards, and train them to leave positive and lasting impressions of Port Said Shipping and Nav. Co. with the very new and old customers. We call it service excellence.

Our youthful, cheerful and dedicated employees whether an executive or a junior provides prompt and efficient service.

PSSN is altogether a family company enjoying flexibility of taking quick decision and at the same time standing at par with modern management techniques.

The principle of Port Said Shipping and Nav. Co. is based on decentralized decision making by highly motivated and duly trained members with emphasis on:

1. Efficient Planning and Management. 2. Measure / Display.
3. Cost of Quality. 4. Communications.
5. Corrective Action. 6. Recognition.
7. Events. 8. Goal.
9. Commitments.

Liner Operations

The backbone of the majority of agency representation is of liner operation. However apart from the representation of various major carriers. PSSN Represents air fright and international freight forwarding agencies.


The availability of information as well as the possibility to offer information service, is becoming increasingly important hence PSSN has heavily invested in communication systems which facilitate and coordinate overall development of integrated communications techniques.

Excellent shipper/forwarders statistics, report of container logistics, maintenance & repairs, daily movement & vessel loading / discharging reports, accounting & financial reporting system, are new examples of the facilities available.


PSSN offers to owners or operators of vessels its husbandry services. The husbandry activities are always carried out in accordance with requirement of owners, and it has been proved that the appointment of PSSN as protecting agent under certain circumstances has paid off.

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